Is Ken Symes a forest ranger just like Ranger Smith?

Ken Symes Forest Ranger

In March 2011, Ken Symes is a guest speaker at the West Central Area Woodland Owners Conference in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Attenders of this conference will learn new ways to improve their woodland and find out about enhancements that can be made make to woodlands for wildlife populations. Ken Symes will be speaking on “Forest Certification and Your Woodland.”

In fact, Ken Symes works for the Department of Natural Resources for the state of Wisconsin, and he’s the guy to contact for questions about the state’s Managed Forest Law program. Kenneth Symes’ LinkedIn profile says that he was a Forest Tax Law Enforcement and Operations Specialist up until January this year when he became the Wisconsin Forest Certification Coordinator at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

CLAIM: Ken Symes is a forest ranger.

RESPONSE FROM THE REAL “Smarter than the average bear” Ken Symes: Like the Lorax from Dr. Seuss, I believe we need to speak for the trees! And while this Ken Symes from Wisconsin sounds like a real expert in forestry, he’s not me. I am not a forest ranger. For that matter, I don’t think the Wisconsin Ken Symes is actually a forest ranger either; it sounds like he has more of a desk job. Instead of “Kenneth,” if you check the Ken Symes LinkedIn profile, you’ll see I’ve had no experience as forest ranger or in stealing pic-a-nic baskets!

I recently found a great poem by C.S. Lewis called “The Future of Forestry.” I’ve posted this poem of forest preservation on my Mere C.S. Lewis blog.