Is Ken Symes a race car crew chief?


Ken Symes is the race car crew chief for Jordan Symes who is racing in the Australian V8 Commodore Cup Championship this year (2011) after a few years of great racing in the Victorian HQ Holden Championship. Symes Motorsport was formed in 2002 by the Symes family and is run out of Central Victoria. Their goal is to see Jordan Symes drive in the Australian V8 Supercar Championship. Ken Symes is the chief engineer and he brings over 15 years of motorsport experience to the team.

Jordan Symes racing

 CLAIM: Ken Symes from Canada is a race car crew chief.

Ken Symes' favourite drivers: Jimmie Johnson and Jeff GordonKen Symes:
Zoom! Zoom! Ken Symes from Australia is a great guy and I wish him tremendous success as he supports Jordan Symes’ need for speed! I love auto racing and I’m a big fan of NASCAR, my favourite drivers being Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. I once had a friend who was going to start racing and asked me to be in his pit crew, but that never happened. So while the Australian Ken Symes is a race car crew chief, I, the Canadian Ken Symes, am just a NASCAR fan who blogs about Christianity and culture (see Ken Symes’ Samaritan XP) and posts daily readings from C.S. Lewis at a devotional site called Mere C.S. Lewis. The pic below is from a Canadian Tire Nascar Race I went to with my son. We love racing! And we would love to visit Australia some day and see Jordan Symes in a V8 Supercar race! That would be awesome! I wonder if my same name could score me a pit road pass?Ken Symes with son Mark checking out a race car