I want to be Kevin O’Leary’s Doppelganger

A doppelgänger is a double or look-a-like of any person. A cyberdoppelgänger is a person who has the same name as you and may be mistaken for you when someone googles your name online. This website profiles my cyberdoppelgängers, the other Ken Symeses online. As of the time of this post, I have profiled and explained that I, Ken Symes, am not a pastor, race car crew chief, nor a forest ranger.

In this post, I want to apply to be a doppelgänger for Kevin O’Leary. He’s a handsome and smart dude and I like his straight from the gut style. Check out this video because I think you’ll agree that I’m a much better candidate for O’Leary’s double than the guy they suggest!

Thanks to my son grade 2 son Mark and a rather intense photo shoot, we’ve prepared this doppelganger photo. What do you think? Could I pass for a younger, more interesting Kevin O’Leary? I’m pretty sure I could fill in for him on Dragon’s Den. Kevin’s no-nonsense, show-me-the-money approach would be easy to pull off, but I would need access to his investment capital. I’d be happy to work with Amanda Lang on the Lang and O’Leary Exchange, but Kevin is definitely stronger on economics though I’m sure I could outdo him on political commentary.

Kevin OLearyP7250675-1